INDIA Today Home – June 2019 (13th Anniversary Issue)

INDIA Today Home – June 2019 (13th Anniversary Issue)

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POOJA BIHAN1, 41 Principal Architect Spaces and Design, Kolkata

BREATHING NEW LIFE This project is a 18O-degree turnaround of an old house with additions and alternations of interior structural walls, an additional floor as well as a complete renewed facade. The elevation now boasts of a concrete finish tile surface with minimal joints due to its large size of a Dekton tiles by Hafele. lb offset this pale grey is a wooden finished surface in patches that houses and protects the inner surface at the window line and creates a great massing. Features such as vertical slats fabricated in mild steel break the monotony of the planes. The zig-zag pattern at the tall staircase block is set in a perfect proportion and is truly a highlight. The project gets its name from the three beautiful trees in the front that weave a different play of light and look within them-selves. Since we were working on an old frame, the support for the large Dekton tiles was a big concern. We refused to budge from the design proposal and a specially designed RCC support was created at regular intervals and built into the old load bearing walls.

Project: The House with Three Trees. Kolkata

Area: 8.000 sq ft

Concept: Bungalow Transformation

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