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The Factory Outlet lures with its enticing enclosure…

TFO – The Factory Outlet which recently opened their door at Camac Street, is the new destination for the genext of Kolkata. This 70 seater fine-dining restaurant of Shehnaz Hotels Pvt. Ltd. has been created using part of Ivory and what used to be Shisha’s smoking room. Designed by Pooja Bihani, the Interior Architect and Proprietor of Spaces & Design, the 1800 sq ft decor has a great amalgamation of industrial shades with candy coloured upholstery to attract the young crowd.

On the design of TFO Bihani shares with VM&RD, “The design brief given by Shehnaz Hotels to us was to create a fine dining restaurant with an edge to attract the youth. It needed a funky design for a fine dining restaurant which is attractive and welcoming to the young crowd coming to Sheesha next door. So, our strategy for this was to create an eatery which is out-of-the- box and something which has not been seen or visualised before. Thus, we used bold colours, high finishes but against a rustic backdrop.

Since the whole area was not specifically designated to do the interior, Spaces & Design has created an inviting semi-circular profile protruding out into the waiting foyer and thereby has created a welcoming and wacky area from the layout stage itself.

On the executional challenges, Bihani adds, “The height of the premises being 8’9” was extremely low, hence the decision to expose the ceiling in the main area was taken. Thereby aligning it with the main strategy and our vision to create a bold design with a rustic backdrop was a major challenge and also to work during crazy hours as the adjoining Ivory restaurant was fully operational while the interior work was going on.

The one step up semicircular wooden deck is the heart of the layout and also it is the first glimpse a person gets from the foyer itself. Upon entering, the customers come across the pub and the self-service counter, where one is greeted by an overwhelming Medusa image on the wall. A different story unfolds as one enters the main restaurant where bolder fuchsia pink upholstery and the chandeliers from the rustic ceiling greet the guests.

Speaking about some signature design elements, Bihani adds, “The highlight and my favourite are the seating arrangements inside the gigantic bird cages, which are placed in a row to give privacy to groups during dining.

Interesting wall art with the origami birds made of wood are hung from the slatted wooden wall at the farther end. These elements act as a gradual extension of the bird cages, where the candy colours create a funky look.

Another interesting design feature is the live cooking counter, where vegetables are stored for self pick up to give a bazaar look, adding a casual look to the whole interior.

As the lighting played a vital role in creating the perfect ambience, Bihani said, “Very minimal and strategic lighting has been planned in the entire area. The wooden deck has hanging deco lights at different levels but they are all dimmable. The three fuchsia pink chandeliers over the three main centre tables are the only source of light for these three tables. They are also dimmable to set the light as per the mood and the activity going on. The tables next to the arch windows are flooded with natural light during the day adding to the chirpiness and youthfulness in the place; but at night it changes to single dim light creating a different mood. All the lights in the cages are custom made and integrated into the bird cages to give a seamless feel of the cage structure. The look is rustic and the purpose is more of creating a task light although it is dimmable for the required mood and fancy.

Arvind Bhatnagar, Executive Director, Shehnaz Hotels said, “Our prime focus for TFO is the age group between 21-35 who all love a vibrant and peppy place to chill out. The concept is to serve the best continental food at half the rates. Thus we thought of this resto-pub concept and the name actually suggests that you will get the platters as per the factory outlet rate of any brand. Also our decor is very much sophisticated with cutting edge finesse but yet rustic. We have plans to soon replicate the same concept in the Malls of South Kolkata or Salt Lake area.

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